What to expect when you come to church at RVC

Heading into the unknown requires courage. Knowing what to expect can make a new experience more comfortable and enjoyable for a lot of people. Here's a bit of what you can expect when you come to Regina Victory Church.  

to be met at the door

Our greeting team is posted at the entrance to welcome you and to provide any assistance you may need. They can point you in the direction of coffee, nursery or children's church or direct you to find a suitable seat.


Complimentary coffee can be found in our coffee lounge before and after both morning services. 

nursery 0-2

Our nursery is directly across from the sanctuary doors. You will become equipped with a pager so that you never have to worry if your baby is doing alright without you. You will be "buzzed" if your child needs a change or your attention in any way. Our pager system provides secure check in and pick up of your child.

3-5 years, 6-8 and children ages 9-12

Just down the hallway from the nursery are our children ministry classrooms. Children in the 3-5 and 6-8 age groups are to be dropped off and picked up by their parents. Children are dismissed after praise and worship.

5 minute countdown

Lively worship music is played. When you hear the mood change and the volume raised it means the countdown has begun and the service will begin soon so hurry in to get your seats. 

main sanctuary

Ushers are waiting at the sanctuary to help you find a seat. They are also equipped with earplugs if you find the music too loud for your taste.


Worship Teams lead the congregation in music that is strategically chosen to lift eyes and hearts towards the victory of the cross.  We sing good doctrine framed in a contemporary style. The volume is loud enough to command a strong atmosphere of praise. This atmosphere helps us rise above the challenges to see with eyes of faith.

the message

Pastor Terry preaches the majority of the messages. He is known for his total respect for the Word of God and his impassioned delivery punctuated with lots of humour and wit. He is gifted to take current events, break it down and interpret them through scripture and the times we live in. His love for God and for His people shines through every word.


Giving is an important part of our worship expression and there is always a time provided for this. Members take turns giving a short presentation while envelopes are provided for tax receipts. Debit machines are available in the foyer 15 minutes before and after services for our paperless generation.

Pick up children ages 3-8

After the service, children ages 9-12 will find their way to you, but parents or guardians must pick up children ages 3-8 from their classrooms.

what's next & prayer ministry

Someone will close the service with an invitation to visit the prayer room where a team is ready to stand with you and pray for your needs. 

Coffee time

Coffee time is not about the coffee. It is about making human connections! It is a great time to meet people or to find out more about home groups and midweek opportunities.


You may be asked to fill out a visitor communication card.  This will provide us with valuable feedback about your visit and allows us to connect with you if you so choose.

we look forward to seeing you in church!